Aid Terms Of Agreement

The acceptance of bonuses and/or obtaining a refund or electronic check indicate my agreement with the terms of my rewards. In accepting grants, I recognize that I have read and fully understood the above provisions. I confirm that I fully respect the conditions set out in this document. By accepting your grant premium, you confirm that you understand the following conditions and accept them. Please read carefully. FEDERAL PARENT PLUS LOAN (Only parents of dependent students). To apply, visit and click Federal Direct Parent PLUS Required Process for step-by-step instructions. On this page, you are bound to to apply for the loan, check the information on interest rates and repayment terms. New federal parents plus borrowers must take out a Master Direct Loan grade at By accepting an offer of financial assistance, you recognize the responsibility for understanding and respecting THE TERMS OF ACCORD. This formal agreement between you and the Student Financial Services Office is in effect for the duration of the award. TERMS OF AGREEMENT can be amended without notice, as the laws, rules and rules governing financial assistance are often changed.

The following TERMS OF AGREEMENTs apply to all financial assistance programs. If I decide to change my registration status, I will report in writing to SFAS, before the first day of the semester, that I have accepted the allowance. If I did not attend SFAS before the first day of class, I am responsible for the payment process requested by the Registrar. 12. I am not eligible for federal aid if I am in “Default” for a stafford, direct, plus, SLS or Perkins loan or other loans from an institution. A conviction by the federal or state state for drugs (but not a local or municipal conviction) in granting Title IV aid results in a loss of eligibility for all Title IV aid. 16. I understand that my eligibility depends on the achievement and maintenance of satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the standards of this institution. I recognize that a copy of the “Policy for Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) brochure for Financial Aid Recipients” is available on the financial aid website or at the school`s financial assistance office. I agree to read these standards and follow the guidelines set out in them.

The school applies these standards consistently to all applicants at the end of the spring semester to determine eligibility for the next academic year. ENROLLMENT AFFECTS FINANCIAL AIDSe who did not register for all courses before a refund date may delay their money or reduce the amount. Cal Grant and FSEOG receivers must be registered in at least six (6) units.