Hunting Club Agreement

The tenant strictly complies with all national, federal and/or local wildlife laws. The conviction of a violation of wildlife legislation by a single member of the hunting group results in an immediate loss of leasing privileges. Hunting land leasing is one of the types of hunting operations that can be profitable for landowners or that can at least cover some of the costs of the property. In 2012, deer leases in Georgia averaged $15.00 per hectare (between $10.00 and $30.00 or more). A hunting licence grants a person the right to participate in a sport or recreational hunt. A hunting licence for an owner who hunts on his own land is not required. People interested in hunting private property or tenants of rented property may be invited to obtain a license. Married couples must have listed both people on the property sed. If, in some states, a married person is not actually mentioned, he must obtain a hunting licence on his own land. The license must be verified for the indicated animal, not all animals that are not included in the certificate can be hunted, even if the licensee is the landowner. For itinerant hunters, remember that each state also needs its own hunting licenses or permits.

The hunting licence must be taken away at the time of the hunt. The person may carry an electronic copy of the license or a physical copy. A hunting licence may be valid from a calendar year to a state-dependent life. The example clauses mentioned here must be clear and not exhaustive. The statements or opinions contained here should not be construed as those of a lawyer or legal counsel. The concerns raised in one of the above clauses are merely a formulation of considerations in favour of adequate legal assistance. Disclaimer – Add a waiver of liability and a signed sheet (by all parties) that identifies areas traveled that have been described or certified by the owners or that have been reported by the landowner. Finally, make sure that each tenant or member of the hunting club signs and dates the document. Make a copy available to the tenant (or designated beneficiary or hunting club leader).