SOLD – NDK Pilgrim Expedition Kayak

For sale: NDK Kayak

This is a Pilgrim Expedition kayak purchased new in 2016 and used by an ACA instructor for teaching and personal use. It’s in good condition, with routine scratches that accompany a kayak used in rescues and surf landings. Standard layup, wire skeg, red over white with black trim. I’ve added thin padding under the thigh bumps and a under-deck bungee system to house a pump, sponge and paddle float.

Overall good condition and very dependable. Selling to make room for a new kayak arriving soon.

Price: $2,300. Located in Chesapeake, VA.  Pictured paddles not included. Ikea bag is negotiable.

Contact Tom for more info.


From the SKUK/NDK website:

The Pilgrim Expedition is a slim, fast kayak with increased carrying capacity for camping expeditions. The kayak is specifically designed the smaller paddler and the taller and slimmer kayaker at the same time. This multiple-fit option is due to a either side of the cockpit.

The kayak has a low, rear deck for easy rolling, a white water cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat, allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

The kayak is fitted with our newseat that is higher and can be adjusted forwards and backwards. Fitted hip pads with the option of glass thigh braces help to customize the cockpit area.

An expedition kayak for the small or slim paddler, length: 16′ 8″ (519 cm), width: 19.5″ (50 cm), depth: 12″ (30.5 cm), overall volume: 283 litres, front hatch volume: 72.5 litres, cockpit volume: 130 litres, day hatch volume: 38 litres, rear hatch volume: 42.5 litres.