Postnuptial Agreement Kansas

The agreements have different guidelines, but they can be formatted to meet the needs of a couple. Some might think that the arrangement favours the wealthier person, but the law tries to protect both parties and insists that marital agreements be fair, reasonable and acceptable to both parties. To be adopted and validated by the court, the agreement must prove that it is fair to both parties. Yes, yes. In Kansas, pre-marriage agreements are expressly recognized by state law. K.S.A. 23-802 defines a “pre-marital arrangement” as an agreement between potential spouses, made in contemplation of marriage and effective in marriage. Good marriage contracts should contain detailed descriptions of the significant property and debt owned by each partner. Depending on the nature and complexity of these assets, a marital agreement may cover only a few pages or a few hundred.

In the law firm Stange, PC, we design each prenup to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are looking at your first marriage or your subsequent marriage, a marriage agreement can give you and your future spouse more opportunities for property and property rights and other property. Often, marriage means the merging of everything into collective ownership. With the high divorce rate and the increase in the average age of marriage, an open mind could help you and your future spouse reduce the amount of financial stress in your relationship. It can be difficult to impose a marital or post-marital agreement. The standards that the courts impose are high. But if a family dispute requires legal action, we offer our clients high-quality legal solutions. Our goal is to help you move in the right direction. We do this by working closely with you to develop a family law strategy that weighs the costs and benefits of each measure. Together, we are taking actions that lead to results. For example, when a spouse brings assets held by a family business into the marriage, he or she may be concerned that these assets, and in some cases the business, may leave the family in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse. When the spouses agree to retain ownership of these assets in the name of the spouse whose family they own, that spouse is free to inherit them exclusively from their children or other family members, as they wish, and not to their spouse.