Resource Stewardship Agreements

Integrated resource services contracts should be used when service costs exceed the value of wood. These models are provided only as examples and can be updated without notice and must be adapted for each project. Forest service staff should visit the internal acquisition management, Stewardship Contracting site to find current versions of the models for the development of new IRIs. The first proposal concerns construction and reconstruction contracts, whether or not additional land management activities are included. The second proposal applies to all land management activities, with the exception of construction. Appendix B is inserted into one of the two models to process timber harvesting activities. The granting of trust includes natural resource management practices to promote closer cooperation with local communities in a wide range of activities that improve soil conditions. These projects are shifting the centre of gravity of the federal forest and land management to a desired future resource state. They are also a tool for federal authorities to contribute to the development of sustainable rural communities, to restore and maintain healthy forest ecosystems, and to create an ongoing source of local income and employment. The Act empowers the department to use a trust agreement for activities it has approved for the conservation, conservation or improvement of the state`s natural resources.

Application procedures must be defined for the use of the division in the review of administrative proposals. The Department may, at its sole discretion, provide assistance to staff, facilities and supplies to support activities under the trust agreement. In accordance with all other laws and regulations, administrative activities are recognized by placing appropriate signs on or near the accepted natural resource. Other forms of recognition, including certificates, press releases and newsletters, may be provided, as the Department deems appropriate. Individuals or groups wishing to accept a natural resource from the state receive a request and information describing the fiduciary program. The Agency`s management for the use of integrated resource services contracts can be located in Forest Service Manual 6309.32, the Federal Procurement Regulations Manual, including Chapter 4G37. Respective Management Authority – The program department within the Department of Environmental Protection, which has the management authority for the supposed natural resource. The Department of Environmental Conservation is responsible for the management of natural resources on lands under its jurisdiction.

In 1995, with the aim of improving the environmental quality of these natural resources at a minimum cost to the state, the intention was to improve an adopted natural resource management program (section 9-0113, ECL) effective July 28, 1995. The trust agreement may be amended by mutual agreement between the department and the steward. Administrators have the option of renewing contracts subject to departmental approval and the continuation of the program. Agreements may be denounced if the Department finds that the terms of the agreements are not being respected. For more information The Memorandum of Understanding on Resource Management sets out a comprehensive framework for the development of resource management agreements. It also defines the general principles and the minimum content of a resource management agreement. Ontario`s resource-based tourism and forestry industry agrees to respect and respect this memorandum and to negotiate resource management contracts in good faith. The Forestry and Range Practices Act (FRPA) defines how all forestry and scope and resource-based activities should be implemented in the Kronland area.