Returned from Tybee

A dolphin between Steve and Mike on the paddle out to the triangle on a very calm early morning.

I’m back from Tybee Island, Georgia, where I got to spend several days in the famous “triangle” surfing and playing in the clapotis and waves refracting around the sand bars.  This is a great training ground for developing natural, instinctual bracing and it’s a great way to test your skills, or wake up some of those reflexes.

I enjoyed surfing a Romany and also played a bit in an Island Qarsut, goofing around on flat water with half a paddle practicing rolls and working on the hand roll.  All in all a great week and I’m more pumped than ever to get out and try some new things — including some changes to my forward stroke cadence with a smaller paddle — increasing the rpms but with a shorter paddle with smaller blade area.