Sag Basic Theatrical Agreement

While this agreement may seem perfectly applicable to your film, it is important to note that you must first release your film in theaters to qualify. If your movie is published directly for a streaming service like Hulu, your SAG scale rates can be covered by New Media. This agreement also requires that residents be paid in accordance with the guidelines and subsequent tariff calculations of the basic agreement as soon as the remaining needs have been met and payment begins. Unlike SAG Class A fares, you have to pay a little more if New York is one of your cities, which is why most opt for the first deal. The first utilization rates are as follows: under this special theatrical agreement, you can only hire SAG-AFTRA actors as the main actors and the first 57 actors hired must also be union members. If your production requires more than 57 background actors, the 58th attitude and beyond does not need to be together and therefore does not fall under the terms of the theater contract. If you plan to hire a lead or substantive actor (and you have not employed 57 other substantive actors) who is not yet a member of SAG-AFTRA, you will have 30 days from signing the contract to submit to your representative the corresponding Taft Hartley report, as well as a headshot and CV, in order to grant trade union status and comply with contractual rules. The Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA) covers non-episodic content productions with a budget between $300,000 and $700,000, shot entirely in the United States. The contract must be concluded by performers at least one week before each work. The MPA applies to films originally released in one of the following films, but a first release in one of the following is not necessary: SAG Theatrical Conseil applies to actors who perform in films with different budgets. The term “cinema” means that the film must have a first launch.

If you produce a movie directly for streaming, you risk falling under a new media deal. although in the age of streaming, the term may have a different meaning. If you`re looking for a SAG short film deal, this is probably the perfect place to start. If you work with actors who are not in the guild, don`t worry. Under this agreement, as with most SAG agreements, these players can work with a Taft Hartley agreement. “Creating safe, dignified and fair jobs in an industry where nudity and intimacy are often part of the job is a challenge, but not insurmountable. Therefore, the fact that sag-AFTRA and amptp have reached an agreement that does not include significant health and safety measures is deeply disappointing and dangerous. SAG-AFTRA TV agreements are based on content type, media and, in some cases, budget. For example, shows that go directly to a streaming service (like Netflix) and have a budget of less than a million can be covered by the new media deal, but the SAG-AFTRA TV deal applies to all shows on that budget, even if they go directly to streaming.

SAG-AFTRA divides TV contracts into four categories: SAG-AFTRA`s new media contract is essentially the Union`s response to online content. . . .