Which Statement Is False Regarding A Contingency In A Sales Agreement

The requirement to present a true and fair view in advertising, marketing and representations allows real estate agents to use and display only job titles® certifications and other references to which they are legally entitled. (Adopted by the Commission on 1.08.) Real estate agents® acting as sub-agents or buying/renting agents or brokers may not use the terms of an offer to buy/lease to attempt to modify the listing broker`s offer of remuneration to sub-agents or agents or buyer/lessee brokers, or to make the submission of an executed offer to purchase/lease subject to the listing broker`s agreement to modify the offer of remuneration. (Modified 1/04) 6) Broker Amanda prepares a purchase contract, collects the serious money and deposits it into her business account. What statement is TRUE? 1) What is the basic idea of a contractual agreement? REAL ESTATE AGENTS® must avoid exaggerations, misrepresentations or obfuscation of relevant facts relating to the property or transaction. However, real estate agents® are not required to discover hidden defects in the property, advise on matters outside the scope of their real estate license, or disclose confidential facts in the context of agency or non-agency relationships within the meaning of state law. (Modified on 1/00) [hear] 6) What element of the contract indicates mutual agreement? Article 15 (Case interpretations for Article 15) REAL ESTATE AGENTS® may not knowingly or recklessly make false or misleading statements about other real estate professionals, their companies or business practices. (Amended 1.12.) [listen] REAL ESTATE AGENTS® cannot apply for a listing that is currently listed exclusively with another broker. However, if, at realtor`s request®, the listing broker refuses to disclose the expiry date and nature of the registration; i.e. an exclusive right of sale, an exclusive agency, an open advertisement or any other form of contractual agreement between the listing broker and the client, the REAL ESTATE AGENT® may contact the Owner to obtain this information and may discuss the conditions under which the Real Estate Agent® may accept a future registration or alternatively a registration may enter into force after the expiry of an existing exclusive registration.